Customizable and easily configured 2D and 3D machine vision solutions – driven by SICK AppSpace

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Vision solutions for Automotive Industry with Presence Inspection SensorApp
Vision solutions for Automotive Industry with Presence Inspection SensorApp

Machine vision solutions make your manufacturing processes more efficient and competitive. But do they always meet your precise specifications? Now you can have customizable 2D and 3D vision sensors, tailored to your business. These are either ready-to-use solutions that can be easily configured without a vision or programming expert or they can be modified to solve your particular application – by SICK or its partners.

Solutions, driven by SICK AppSpace, help you take a significant step towards the future and Industry 4.0. How? SICK AppSpace enables you to create completely new and adaptive solutions for automation applications for quality control, positioning, robot guidance or track & trace.

SensorApp, 2D or 3D vision sensor and camera: Explore our ready-to-use machine vision solutions

SICK AppSpace - engineering framework for your individualized sensor applications

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An eco-system in which you develop individualized SensorApps for your sensors either alone or together with SICK experts. For all applications and all technologies - undertaken by a dynamic community of developers. Your individualized SensorApps are created on the basis of our intelligent software tools and algorithms. SICK AppSpace provides assistance with a range of devices and technologies, such as 2D vision, 3D vision, LiDAR, RFID or integration products.

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SICK machine vision offer

SICK Machine Vision Offer

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SICK AppSpace Engineering Framework

SICK AppSpace – engineering framework for your sensor applications

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SICK Vision Portfolio

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