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Monitoring Box

Analytical processing of status and application data

Your Benefits

  • Transparent insights into the productivity and availability of devices and plants at any time
  • Intelligent predictions based on application or sensor-specific analyses
  • Optimized alignment of operating parameters and application settings
  • Quick and tailored action thanks to user-defined notifications
  • Simple and quick installation without programming knowledge
  • Secure usage and transfer of data


Analytical processing of status and application data

The Monitoring Box from SICK is a digital solution for continuous monitoring of status of devices and plants, as well as the application itself. Its combination of historic and real-time data enables transparent insights into violations of the limit values and changes in status. The analyzed data is used to produce diagnoses, statistics and forecasts that enable predictive and tailored maintenance. Devices and plants can also be operated in the high power range and resources can be utilized efficiently. As a smart extension of existing product solutions from SICK, the Monitoring Box increases the productivity of industrial applications in a targeted way.

At a glance
  • Pre-defined data models and data processing
  • Browser-based dashboard for data visualization
  • Real-time warnings and logbook with result logging
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Data storage via SICK Cloud or on-premise solution


Transparency about the status, availability and performance of devices and machines

In addition to condition monitoring, the Monitoring Box offers the possibility to analytically assess status and application data. This is based on intelligent data models that can be individually aligned for the sensors, analyzers and systems as well as machines to be connected. Aside from a plug-and-play installation, it also offers the advantage that the data can be used easily and comprehensively.

As well as simple integration, the Monitoring Box also offers additional features that make the digital service especially user-friendly.

Comfortable data access and intuitive operation

International standards

The digital service is available in 18 languages. You also have the choice between the metric and imperial system of units.

Filter results in calendar

The display of historical data for a specific time period can be controlled via the calendar view. The time window can be freely selected.

Pan/Zoom function and CSV export

In the timeline, specific sections of the raw date can be freely selected and displayed. You also have the possibility to export the raw data in CSV format.

Processing of status and application data

The predefined device and application data are securely recorded and archived. As a result, historical information and real-time values are available – for example in the form of raw data, processes or aggregated values.

In the frontend, the device status and operating data are clearly represented in the form of widgets. Problems or deviations can be identified quickly. Newly calculated characteristic values for assessing the performance are available for each machine or production/site.

If the defined limit values are exceeded or not reached, or if there are changes in status, user-defined warnings can be defined, e.g. active notification via e-mail. For a transparent overview, all events are recorded in the log book.

Complete monitoring and assessment of device and machine events at any time.

Flexible and future-proof positioning

The Monitoring Box is based on intelligent algorithms in an IIoT platform with a backend for processing and saving data. There is also a frontend for visualizing the data. The digital service is currently available for a selection of sensors. SICK will support you in the implementation of your individual requirements and complete solutions with a holistic concept for your Industry 4.0 solution.

The Monitoring Box uses a container-based microservice architecture. The aggregation, assessment and storage of data takes place in the backend in the SICK Cloud, or in a virtual machine or an industrial PC on the user’s premises. The data is visualized in the frontend (browser).

Data storage according to your needs

SICK Cloud (off-premise)

For the cloud variant, the application software runs in a SICK Cloud . The runtime environment is highly available, scalable and is permanently equipped with the latest updates and releases. As soon as you have successfully closed the contract, register at using your SICK ID.

Virtual machine or industrial PC (on-premise)

The local variant runs directly on the user’s premises and is configured and put into operation by SICK. Security and feature updates are installed remotely in line with the stipulated conditions. The user accesses it via an encapsulated interface with a role-based access control.

Components of the Monitoring Box

As a basic requirement for monitoring devices and systems, a database tailored to the application is a must. It supplies the application software whose pre-configurable data models and algorithms enable applied data processing.

SICK offers a cloud and a local option for saving and visualizing data. The design depends on the wishes and possibilities of the user. An appropriate runtime environment (Linux VM/Kubernetes Cluster) is absolutely essential. An API interface for the individual use of data is also available.

Ensure maximum control over the flow of data with minimal effort for maintenance.

Use resources efficiently

Event-oriented recommended actions on keeping your devices and systems in good condition can be inferred based on diagnoses, statistics and predictions created with the digital service. This in turn makes it possible to carry out inspections, repairs and maintenance in a quick and tailored way, and to reliably plan servicing.

Application-specific maintenance

By recording pre-defined device data, such as hours of operation, visibility, wear, temperature or degree of contamination, the current status can be quickly determined and assessed. The course of the values (history) puts the situation in context and helps, among other things to assess the urgency of any action required.

It is important to avoid faults or device failures by acting early, and to only use maintenance personnel for current maintenance requirements and for planned servicing. Depending on the application and integrated device, it is possible to make predictions for recurring events.

Increase availability and service life of devices, and thus avoid cost-intensive downtimes in manufacturing.

Make targeted increases to performance

The performance of devices, and of entire applications, can be evaluated using specific values. The Monitoring Box helps you to identify these specific values for your application and use them profitable. The information required to do so is obtained by evaluating anomalies, statistical statements about peak and average values, and by aggregating values.

Plannable machine and system utilization

Operating parameters and application settings can be specifically aligned with defined performance properties. Doing so not only ensures that sensors, analyzers and systems are operated in their ideal performance range, but that machines and entire systems are, too.

Optimize the productivity and quality of your machines and processes – sustainably and with no additional effort.


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