Smart services

Your Benefits

  • Low effort and quick availability of the system due to plug and play commissioning of the SICK product
  • Quick and easy availability of customer-specific SICK products down the smallest batch size of 1
  • Fewer follow-on errors and production failures due to consistently high commissioning quality
  • Efficient resource use due to multiplication of SICK product configurations created one time
  • Simple and customer-specific reorder due to unique configuration ID and individual part number
  • Convenient documentation and management of the product configuration in the SICK AssetHub


The pre-configuration service from SICK enables the production and delivery of customer-specific SICK products. The individual device configuration (SOPAS ET device setting) is uploaded to when ordering and stored individually in the SICK product during the production process. Pre-configuration is therefore a software-based adaption of the serial product. The result is a plug and play-capable device with consistently high commissioning quality for recurring applications. The quick and easy commissioning decreases effort and costs. SICK saves and archives the product configuration, therefore simplifying reorder.

At a glance
  • Flexible and individualized production and delivery of SICK products with adapted software
  • Plug and play commissioning
  • Consistent commissioning quality for recurring applications
  • Saving and archiving of the configuration
  • Configuration management via AssetHub
  • Unique configuration ID and description
  • Batch size 1


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Individuality has never been so easy

Retrieval is quick and simple at any time Your device configuration is saved in SICK AssetHub. This makes it possible to implement product configurations for batch size 1 production. These configurations can also be transferred to other devices and used there quickly and easily.
Plug-and-play Software-based pre-configuration of the devices means you do not have to set parameters. You can easily put your devices into operation yourself.

Configure you device individually so it is ready for operation in no time. This saves you time and money during commissioning and ensures high availability of your system.