Managed Services
Service agreements

Your Benefits

  • Reliable budget planning and transparent cost management
  • Total operating costs minimized thanks to fewer unplanned service activities
  • System availability maximized thanks to fast response times on the phone and on site
  • Concentration on core business possible, as SICK does all service work
  • Extension of system and product life cycle through regular service
  • Flexible and needs-based design thanks to individualized selection of service elements


The service agreements provide complete service to ensure product and system availability. The modular concept helps you react to specific application requirements. SICK actively plans and executes the agreed services throughout the entire product life cycle. On request, the services can be combined flexibly and specifically to fit the customer requirements to form individual service agreements.

At a glance
  • Modular service agreement at a fixed price
  • Regular and scheduled inspection of the system
  • Prioritized access to service experts
  • Service network available worldwide
  • Including remote maintenance or on-site technical support, depending on the scope
  • Individualized and flexible combination of services possible


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