Managed Services
Monitoring Services

Your Benefits

  • High device availability through early detection of unplanned downtime
  • Less downtime thanks to proactive device monitoring by SICK
  • Highly qualified device analysis by specialized staff
  • Quick response time thanks to automatic alarm management
  • Cost efficiency by extending the device service life


With its monitoring services, SICK is offering a remote service for monitoring sensors and analyzers installed at customer sites. Service experts from SICK assume the remote monitoring of devices using sensor-specific monitoring apps. Trend detection and prediction models are integrated into these: Both identify device faults and abnormalities at an early stage so that appropriate measures can be taken to rectify them. The timing of device maintenance can be determined based on data and optimized according to the condition. In the event of device faults and abnormalities, the customer receives an initial diagnosis including recommendations for action. Regular reports inform customers about device status and events that occur during device monitoring.

At a glance
  • Continuous remote condition monitoring of customer devices by SICK
  • Notification before problems occur, including initial diagnosis and recommendations for action
  • Regular reports on the condition of SICK devices including data evaluation
  • Quick problem analysis by service experts from SICK


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