Safety multibeam scanners

Worldwide revolutionary safety solution for line-guided small vehicles

Your Benefits

  • Increase your productivity by eliminating mechanical barriers and the option of running your line-guided AGCs (automated guided carts) at higher speeds and with higher loads
  • Profit from a quick return on investment with an economic safety solution for line-guided small vehicles
  • Save space when integrating into your AGCs
  • Reduce time and money during installation, configuration and diagnostics


Worldwide revolutionary safety solution for line-guided small vehicles

With scanGrid2, SICK is offering an economical safety solution for small, line-guided AGCs (automated guided carts): The world’s first LiDAR multibeam scanner with safe solid state technology. Thanks to its excellent price-performance ratio, large fleets of AGCs can not only offer efficient protection up to performance level c, but can also be made more productive. scanGrid2 enables the elimination of mechanical barriers as well as higher driving speeds and heavier loads on the AGCs. Its compact design and smart functions also ensures quick and simple installation, configuration and diagnostics. Simply revolutionary.

At a glance
  • The world’s first LiDAR multibeam scanner with safe solid state technology
  • Perfectly designed for the requirements of line-guided AGCs: PL c, 1.1 m scanning range, 150° scanning angle
  • Compact – only 43 mm high
  • Diagnostic data and clone function for configuration via the Safety Assistant app and the Safety Designer software



The SICK Safety Assistant app enables comprehensive condition diagnostics of your safety sensors easily on site. The app also helps configure your sensors.

SICK Safety Assistant App


Worldwide revolutionary safety solution for line-guided small vehicles

With its scanGrid2 safe multibeam scanner, innovation and technology leader SICK is bringing to the market a world novelty in the field of transport automation. ScanGrid2 provides cost-efficient protection for small, line-guided AGCs (automated guided carts). As the world’s first LiDAR multibeam scanner with safe solid state technology, scanGrid2 is a sensor like no other before it: technologically and price-wise in a class of its own.
scanGrid2 is designed for optically and magnetically-guided small vehicles as well as ones guided by QR code or Data Matrix code with exactly the functions needed for this: the protective field range for safe leg detection is approx. 1.1 m, the warning field range is approx. 4 m, and the scanning angle is 150°. With performance level c, scanGrid2 is specifically designed for protecting line-guided small vehicles. Thanks to this focus, scanGrid2 offers an outstanding price-performance ratio, which pays off particularly for large vehicle fleets.

Profit from a quick return on investment

A gain in performance

With scanGrid2, increase your productivity in logistics and factory automation now in an especially economical manner. Up until now it has been necessary to reduce the speed and load of small vehicles to minimize the risk posed by the vehicles – often at the expense of productivity. That is no longer the case with scanGrid2. The safe multibeam scanner also protects the small vehicles themselves thereby making mechanical protective barriers a thing of the past. And the solid state technology with no moving parts makes scanGrid2 especially rugged.
Thanks to the economical scanGrid2 safety solution, you can let your AGCs run at higher speeds.
The total weight of even the smallest vehicles can be increased thanks to scanGrid2. This is how you increase your productivity.

Productivity taken a step further: scanGrid2 boosts the performance of your AGC fleet

Fits where space is tight

Every millimeter counts when it comes to designing small vehicles. Size was therefore another key consideration while developing scanGrid2. Its compact design and installation height of just 43 mm gives you maximum flexibility for space-saving and easy integration of the device into small AGCs.
Small size, big possibilities: scanGrid2 offers everything needed to protect AGCs in the most compact dimensions.
Despite the small size, all interfaces are accessible from the front of the housing for simplified handling.

Safety, compactly solved: scanGrid2 fits on the smallest vehicles

User-friendly right from the start

Simple installation, configuration, commissioning and diagnosis were always taken into account with scanGrid2. This saves you valuable working time and allows you to concentrate on other things.
SICK also considered simple installation when designing scanGrid2. The sensor is mounted to the vehicle with only two screws.
The intuitive Safety Designer software makes configuration and advanced diagnosis easy. You can use the clone function of the Safety Assistant app to copy the configuration to all other devices. Diagnostic data can also be read out quickly and easily.
scanGrid2 is available in two variants with different interfaces: CANopen or local inputs and outputs (I/O) provide flexible integration options

Efficiency with cloning function: scanGrid2 facilitates connection, configuration and diagnostics


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Safety levelType 2, PL c, SIL1
    Protective field range1.1 m
    Warning field range4 m
    Scanning angle150°
    Number of fields8 / 16
    Number of monitoring cases4 / 8
    Resolution (can be configured)50 mm, 70 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm
    Integration in the control systemLocal inputs and outputs (I/O) / CANopen
    Measured data outputNone / via CANopen
    Configuration and diagnostics interface

    USB 2.0 type C (Safety Designer)

    NFC (Safety Assistant app)

All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product