Safety laser scanners

The safety laser scanner for outdoor automation

Your Benefits

  • High productivity due to safe human-machine cooperation in outdoor areas
  • Outstanding availability even under unfavorable weather conditions
  • User-friendly and suitable for outdoor use
  • Easily adaptable protective fields for safe automation processes
  • Fast troubleshooting thanks to easy access to diagnostic data
  • Continuous and reliable material flow both in- and outdoors – even in changing weather conditions


The safety laser scanner for outdoor automation

The outdoorScan3 safety laser scanner protects people outdoors in a wide range of mobile and stationary applications. Thanks to intelligent algorithms and the outdoor safeHDDM® scanning technology, the sensor achieves high productivity even in unfavorable weather conditions. The outdoorScan3 stands out thanks to the rugged housing, smart connection technology and advanced diagnostic functions. Modular accessories are also available to meet your application requirements. The Safety Designer configuration software from SICK enables intuitive operation.

At a glance
  • Certified in accordance with ISO 13849 and IEC 62998 for protecting people indoors and outdoors
  • Outdoor safeHDDM® scanning technology
  • Modular accessories for high performance
  • Up to 128 freely configurable fields
  • Diagnosis with Safety Designer and monitoring app
  • Speed adjustment with the AGV Dynamic Weather Assist


Increase the availability of your
AGVs in outdoor areas
Increase the availability of your
AGVs in outdoor areas

With weather-dependent protective field switching of the safety system AGV Dynamic Weather Assist

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The outdoorScan3 safety laser scanner ensures high productivity in outdoor areas

Thanks to the outdoorScan3, humans and machines now also reliably work together outdoors. This greatly increases their productivity.

Among others, the basis for the certification was standard ISO 13849-1 and standard IEC 62998 specially for outdoor areas.

Increase the availability of your AGVs in outdoor areas.

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Hazardous area protection for machines such as lifting platforms.
Protecting people when docking and undocking airbridges.

Safe human-machine cooperation beyond production walls

The outdoorScan3 stands for high availability, even in bad weather

The outdoorScan3 works safely and reliably, even under challenging weather conditions. The patented and high-precision outdoor safeHDDM® scanning technology differentiates between real safety risks and interfering environmental influences. With the AGV Dynamic Weather Assist function block, the outdoorScan3 also reacts dynamically to changing weather conditions.

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The outdoorScan3 does not get dazzled by sun beams of up to 40,000 lx.

Rain and snow are reliably filtered thanks to high-precision measurement data.

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Fog is detected reliably and causes a safe stop at a visual range below 50 m.

You are prepared for changing weather conditions with the outdoorScan3

Accessories specially developed for outdoor use reduce the impact of weather

In outdoor areas, the outdoorScan3 is exposed to changing weather conditions. Use the offered accessories that can be individually assembled for your application requirements to increase the availability of the safety laser scanner.
The airWiper mounted on the safety laser scanner channels compressed air to remove water drops from the optics cover. This ensures the high availability of the outdoorScan3.
Thanks to the splash guard with special foam insert and weather protection hood, you reduce unwanted downtime in wet conditions.
The mounting system optimizes the interaction of the accessory components and enables rapid integration of the sensor into your application solution.

Modular accessories for high performance of the safety laser scanner

Intuitive operation of the outdoorScan3 for smooth operation

Both commissioning and handling during ongoing operation are as easy, self-explanatory and convenient as with the safety laser scanners from SICK for indoor areas.
Highly visible LEDs and a multi-color display facilitate operation.
Intuitive handling of the Safety Designer configuration and diagnostic software.
With its rugged design and the unique shape of the optics cover, the outdoorScan3 is perfectly suited for outdoor use.

Unites the proven integration and operating concept of indoor safety laser scanners with high profitability


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    ApplicationOutdoor 1)
    Protective field range4 m
    Warning field range40 m
    Scanning angle275°
    Number of fields8 / 128
    Number of monitoring cases2 / 128
    Response time≥ 90 ms
    OSSD pairs1 / 0
    Integration in the control systemLocal inputs and outputs (I/O) / CIP Safety™ over EtherNet/IP™ / PROFINET PROFIsafe
    Safety levelType 3, PL d, SIL2
    • 1) The safety laser scanner is suitable for use in industrial environments (indoors and outdoors).
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product