2D machine vision

An intelligent vision solution in an easy-to-use sensor package

Your Benefits

  • The multi-functional vision toolbox offers smart camera-level performance but with sensor ease-of-use
  • Unique, interchangeable housing design provides the easiest way to improve image quality
  • The simple configuration in SOPAS, including emulator for offline configuration and testing, will reduce downtimes in production to a minimum
  • The easy-to-use operator interfaces are optimized to make it easier for the operator to oversee daily work more efficiently
  • Ethernet communication and web API gives excellent connectivity and freedom to customize user’s HMI


An intelligent vision solution in an easy-to-use sensor package

The Inspector is an intelligent vision solution in an easy-to-use sensor package. No matter if the task is to verify completeness and quality, find a part’s position or measure its dimensions, the Inspector is up to the challenge. The sensors’ rugged design and IP 67 metal housing makes them ideal for tough environments and intelligent processing technology makes the Inspector perfect for high-speed applications. The flexible housing is designed to easily optimize the optical needs of your application. This ensures excellent inspection even with tough targets, such as highly reflective metal parts and multicolored labels. The Inspector family provides broad support for control, monitoring and data collection through a variety of interfaces. This vision sensor provides everything to meet your integration needs and facilitate daily work.

At a glance
  • High-speed positioning, inspection and measuring
  • Powerful “object locator” tool, independent of position, rotation and scale
  • Unique, interchangeable housing design supporting dome and various optical accessories
  • Simple step-by-step configuration in PC including emulator
  • Easy-to-use operator interfaces
  • Flexible machine and HMI design interfaces


Robotics image
Robotics image

Working together as equals

Thanks to sensors from SICK, robots perceive more precisely. For all challenges in the field of robotics: Robot Vision, Safe Robotics, End-of-Arm Tooling, and Position Feedback.
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Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    SensorCMOS matrix sensor, grayscale values
    Sensor resolution

    384 px x 384 px

    640 px x 480 px

    Optical focusAdjustable focus (manually)
    Optical format1/3"
    Operator interfaces

    Inspector Viewer

    Web server

    Ethernet✔ , TCP/IP
    EtherCAT®✔ , DC (Distributed Clocks), EoE (Ethernet over EtherCAT®), FoE (Files Access over EtherCAT®), CoE (CAN over EtherCAT®)
    Configuration softwareSOPAS ET
    Dimensions100 mm x 53 mm x 38 mm
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