LiDAR localization

Modular LIDAR localization based on natural contours

Your Benefits

  • Scalable localization solution – suitable for the respective application
  • High positioning accuracy & repeatability
  • Additional sensor signals can be integrated for individual applications
  • No changes to the infrastructure with additional artificial landmarks required
  • Support of safety and standard LiDAR sensors for a wide range of solution concepts
  • Simple integration of new functions thanks to modular structure
  • Reliable localization in environments with high dynamics or few contours


Modular LIDAR localization based on natural contours

The LiDAR-LOC is a localization solution for all autonomously moving mobile platforms. It uses LiDAR sensor data and links them with information from other sensors as needed. This is how the LiDAR-LOC achieves accurate and reliable localization results based on natural contours – environmental adjustments are not necessary. The LiDAR-LOC 2 also includes code-based localization by default. Thanks to the flexible use of two technologies, LiDAR-LOC 2 covers a wide range of applications.

The LiDAR-LOC is available as a modular software solution and can be supplemented with virtual line navigation. This means the LiDAR-LOC is the optimal starting point for the development of vehicle navigation.

At a glance
  • High repeatability: < 10 mm
  • Driving speed up to 3 m/s
  • Rot. rate max. 45°/ s
  • Position output with up to 33 Hz
  • Easy-to-operate user interface (web browser) and ROS integration
  • Integration options for vehicle odometry and reflector detection


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Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Product category

    Embedded software

    Extension for LiDAR-LOC 2 – embedded software including runtime environment

    Localization resolution

    1 mm, position

    0.001°, orientation


    Typ. < 10 mm, position

    Typ. < 0.25°, orientation

    Depending on the sensor combination and environment

    Supported products

    SIM1000 FX

    Controller (IPC)

    X86-64 architectures




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