Image-based code readers

Grid localizations with that certain something

Your Benefits

  • Thanks to the optional variable focus or auto focus, it is well-suited for all ground clearances (vehicle sizes)
  • Real-time image processing enables high travel speeds, thus increasing operating efficiency
  • Fits into even the smallest AGV thanks to its compact size
  • Plug and play solution with integrated angle measurement ensures quick and easy commissioning
  • Code labels can be individualized for self-printing, ensuring a high level of flexibility and easy solutions
  • Short downtime when devices are replaced thanks to parameter back-up


Grid localizations with that certain something

The GLS6 product family encompasses compact sensors for localization of automated guided vehicles (AGVs). The sensors reliably detect Data Matrix or QR code labels which are attached to the floor as rasters for orientation for the AGV and deliver position data to the vehicle control. High travel speeds are no problem for the GLS6. The GLS6 can localize perfectly on contaminated ground and fit even in the smallest AGV due to its compact size. Thanks to the optional variable focus or auto focus, the localization solution is well-suited for all ground clearances. Thanks to the integrated alignment aid, mounting is also child’s play. And parameter back-up ensures process stability during device replacement.

At a glance
  • Variable reading distances of 50 mm to 500 mm
  • Reads Data Matrix and QR code labels
  • Small housing with rotatable plug unit and or plug unit with flexible cable routing
  • Integrated angle measurement as alignment aid for mounting
  • Simple, reliable parameter back-up
  • No sensitivity to ambient light


Grid localization of AGVs has never been so easy

The sensors from the GLS6 product family have been specially developed for grid localization of AGVs in warehouse logistics. The narrow design allows this localization solution to be used in AGVs of all sizes. Customizable multi-code labels in grid form are initially applied to the travel paths of the AGV. With the help of the multi-code labels, the GLS6 then precisely determines the respective position of an AGV in a room – without it having to reduce its travel speed. The GLS6 offers maximum flexibility, be it for variable reading distances, adaptation of the code information by the customer or the data format required for transmission to the control. See for yourself.
Fits even into the smallest AGVs Thanks to its compact design with a swivel connector or flexible cable routing, the GLS6 can be mounted even where installation space is limited and aligned in seconds thanks to the integrated angle sensor. With the help of the auto set-up function, the GLS6 is ready to go just as quickly.
Full steam ahead! Reliable reading of data matrix or QR codes at an AGV travel speed of up to 5 m/s ensures high productivity.
Suitable for all ground clearances Thanks to variable focus or auto focus, varying reading distances do not play a role for the GLS6. The GLS6 is therefore suitable for all AGV chassis sizes.
Code labels can be adapted to customer needs With the help of the SICK Label Generator, the code content can be adapted to the respective application. You can either print labels yourself or obtain them from SICK with peel-off aid included.
A device that “speaks” all languages The GLS6 covers all interfaces, transmits the read results to the control in the desired data format and can thus be installed in any type of AGV.

The compact GLS6 for grid localization of AGVs offers maximum flexibility when it comes to small installation space, variable reading distances and data output formats, and the identification of customer-specific code information.


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    FocusAdjustable focus (manually) / teach auto focus when teaching-in the working distance using a configuration tool
    Reading distance50 mm ... 500 mm
    Enclosure ratingIP54 / IP65
    Ethernet✔ , TCP/IP
    Serial✔ / RS-232 / ✔ / RS-232 / RS-422
    Weight165 g / 170 g
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product