2D LiDAR sensors

Your Benefits

  • Simple and reliable compliance with distancing rules based on legal stipulations, for example
  • Quick adaptation to local conditions or changed regulations
  • Assistance in controlling flows of visitors
  • Flexible and inconspicuous installation due to compact dimensions
  • Anonymized data processing: No recording of personal data such as images or videos


The DistanceGuard SensorApp detects the distance between persons and objects within a certain area and issues a warning when the defined minimum distance is undercut. The 2D LiDAR sensor of the TiM series is a hardware base which scans its environment without making contact. The integrated app combines distance clusters of anonymous persons and objects and measures the distances between them. If two objects or persons get too close, the device immediately detects this and sends a signal. The number of identified objects or persons can also be output, and a maximum number can be set here as well. Distancing rules, for example when standing in line, are therefore easy to follow. Adjustments can be made on short notice if the rules change.

At a glance
  • Non-contact person and object counting as well as distance measurement between persons or objects in a defined area
  • Hassle-free setting and adjustment of warning limits
  • Signaling of breaches via digital output or Ethernet interface
  • Detection of anonymous objects based on distance clusters


Technical overview

  • Technical data overview

    Technical data overview

    Measurement principleHDDM+
    Integrated applicationDistanceGuard
    Aperture angle
    Angular resolution0.33°
    Working range0.05 m ... 25 m
    Scanning range
    At 10% remission8 m
    Scanning frequency15 Hz
    Ambient operating temperature–25 °C ... +50 °C
    Digital inputs4 (Reserved)
    Digital outputs4 (PNP)
    Weight250 g
All technical data can be found accompanying the individual product